This traditional massage brings wellness Abhyanga fundamentals of Ayurveda. In his body language that expresses both the Air, Fire, Water and Earth, as a protocol that harmonizes and stimulates the Abhyanga occupies a privileged place in the Traditional Art of Touch in India.

One of the basic characteristics of this massage is the emphasis on the concept of energy (prana). From there emerges an awareness of the need of a free and harmonious flow of energy to stay healthy; buffer underruns invariably cause energy imbalances and diseases. Through this massage that combines friction, heat and harmonizations, prana (vital energy) is mobilized to reduce blockages and stimulate energy flow. This Ayurvedic practice tends to harmonize the energy using the three doshas: vatta, pitta and kapha. "Dosha" literally means "one who is going to balance" and the three doshas are the primary factors of health status or disease. They regulate our climate through their internal interactions.


Abhyanga is a massage together in practice the psychic dimensions, emotional, energetic and physiologiques.Il is practiced with a hot oil, specific to the constitution of the customer. It aims to remove toxins of any kind, to increase prana (energy) and the ability and mobility to adapt to external events. This massage is both relaxing and toning.

Against-indications : fever, inflammation, autoimmune diseases not framed by a therapeutic, pregnancy, severe venous insufficiency

Duration : 1 hour, is practiced, in underwear,on the floor with hot oil















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