Kansu massage ... or foot massage with Tibetan bowl ...

Is there a protocol where, so little time and so little movement, a deep feeling of well-being emerges? It seems that Kansu wins all the votes ...
Particularly relaxing, Kansu helps eliminate tension and stress from head to toe.

This is a massage technique taditionnel Indian children have the habit of their parents. It involves massaging the feet with ghee: Ghee, with a bowl made of an alloy of seven metals and special including Copper, Zinc and bronze. This massage aims to treat not only the reflex points of the feet but at the same time the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether according to the science of life Ayuverdienne, are fundamental components of human beings.


This simple and effective technique brings serenity, calm and well-being. The relaxing effect is rapid and deep throughout the body by pacifying the entire nervous system.

Against-indications: none

Duration: 30 minutes, practiced dressed, ground with Ghee - it's possible to make in 1h

Last edited: 2016-05-02