Massage of the Sphinx

The protocol of this Vedic massage wellness reinforces a singular unity in itself, the cohesion of the masculine and feminine energy that everyone carries. In seeking the kundalini energy, this protocol revives energy practices. The originality of his gestures and his fine and subtle touch all along the spine makes a massage wellness certainly unusual, but astonishingly effective.

Objectives :

The purpose of this protocol is to harmonize the masculine (Shiva) and female (Shakti). It releases the clean energy of the Kundalini and thus promotes the implementation, the realization and achievement of aspirations. Solidity, strength, determination and anchor returns are the most frequently mentioned by clients.

Also called the massage Shiva / Shakti, these two complementary energies relate to support the emergence of a deeply balanced indoor / outdoor, male and female and thereby encourage energy transformation called to speak. This massage is a surprising dimension whose effects go far beyond the trigger ...

The Sphinx harmonizes the energies at the heart chakra. Its originality lies mainly to simultaneous stimulation of the sternum and back.

Against indications : fever, pregnancy, inflammatory areas in vertebral (sciatica, slipped disc, etc.), fragile inner emotional or psychological.

Duration : 30 minutes, practiced, in underwear, oil, on the ground

Last edited: 2016-05-02