Module Ayurvedic Back

If he relaxes the back, it also brings strength, power and tone. The Sarva Prana harnesses the energy after dislodging the tensions caused by stress. Gestures, based on the elements Fire and Earth, brings a dynamic, invigorating and soothing. It is practiced in India in the training phase in martial arts competitions, preparation and formatting to any physical activity. However, any sedentary person may also find an undeniable interest in this practice that relaxes while maintaining vigilance.


The Indian practice of Ayurvedic wellness provides soothing, safe, and centering an exceptional mobilization of energy resources and motor body. This practice is adapted to any customer who feels the need to restore suppleness and tone the body. The goal is to both relax and invigorate.

Against-indications : fever, inflammation, pregnancy, autoimmune disease by therapeutic unframed, major problems in terms of the spine, very very tired or overexcited children

Duration : 30 minutes, practiced in underwear, ground, oil





Last edited: 2018-03-13