Ayurvedic massage Dynamics

Astonishing and tonic Prânaritam! This is a traditional massage wellness based on light percussion, kneading, gliding movements and frictions. The pace and dynamism of the gestural stimulate and activate the vitality of the beneficiary and mobilize all its resources and equipment. According to Indian tradition, Ritam, symbolizes the "continuum energy", the rate of all movements of life as the seasons, the heartbeat, the heartbeat of all entities emerged, this rate constant takes the form of a protocol massage: the Prânaritam.


The Prânaritam gives great vitality, great tone, a mobilization of all the present abilities. It rapidly stimulates the body, energizes, directs and focuses the energy into action. It reconnects the person's energy capital and provides punch, vigor and strength filmmaker.

Against-indications: fever, pregnancy, all inflammations, significant circulatory problems, autoimmune diseases not framed by a therapeutic

Duration: 1 hour, practiced in underwear, on table with hot oil

Last edited: 2016-05-02