Ayurvedic massage Belly

This massage wellness-traditional belly reconnects to the eternal maternal gesture. Touch is considerate, flexible, soft and refreshing. The Sarasvati-massage footprint and integrated into its protocol the movements necessary to healing, regulation of rhythms and cycles and the pacification of inner tensions.
A very friendly feel to listen to the customer characterizes this massage Ayurvedic wellness. It is, to practice as a receivable, of great beauty and depth.


This practice focuses on relaxation of the stomach gets very fast results of relaxation and wellbeing. Through non-intrusive movements, light, soft, slow, the Sarasvati brings inner peace, a calm, relaxation organic fast. It prevents all forms of stress and anxiety and eliminates cumbersome.

Against-Indications: fever, pregnancy, inflammation

Duration: 30 minutes, practiced in underwear, ground, hot oil

Last edited: 2016-05-02