Home formula :

You can come to my relaxing space to Marsac since 2013 May 27, but in order to meet the needs of each and every one, I can offer my services to your home.

Why a massage at home?
- The quiet of your home environment to maximize your wellbeing.
- The rest may follow relaxation without interruption (no transportation stress after a massage) or time limit.

However, I must inform you that your comfort during the performance may be strongly influenced by the conditions under which it will run (ambient sound and smell, temperature, etc..), Parameters on which I have no control and which I not know in any way be held liable.

For information, correct practice techniques-Massage Wellness requires a totally free space minimum 3m x 2m-Massage for Wellness elongated (table size futon or massage + pass around).

Please note that the presence of my time at home includes the duration of the session over a variable period of about 15 minutes for preparation and storage equipment according to my massage.

Formula meeting welfare :

Been meetings around famous plastic boxes? Forget, and organize meetings Wellness!

Time for an afternoon with friends, I offer massage-well-being of 30 to 45 minutes. In turn, you will enjoy a special moment of calm, healing ... and conviviality.

I travel to your home equipped with a professional massage table, a futon on the ground for massages and all the necessary elements to make it memorable for you and your friends.

Simply assemble at home at least 5 people. The hostess will receive a wellness-massage available (it can receive the same day at another convenient time)! It will simply put a space at my disposal in his house and enjoy the afternoon!

If some participants wish of one-hour massages and more, thank you for contacting me to arrange a day instead.

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