Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian term that simply means "massage". It is native to the Polynesian culture born of the philosophy "Huna", which is based on a shamanistic culture practiced in all the Pacific Islands, based on observation of the movements of nature and its rhythms. A fundamental theory of Huna is that every creature seeks harmony and love. This is why the Lomi Lomi could be translated into more wisely "loving hands massage".

Energy and harmony in a Lomi Lomi

The Huna says that all our body cells have a memory and the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual form an indivisible whole. Thus the Lomi Lomi is not acting only at one level but performs a relaxation that affects all dimensions of being. This is a massage "initiation" in the sense that it addresses each in its depth, interiority, in which it makes sense. The course of Lomi Lomi is based on a traditional dance called hula. It aims to encourage the flow of energy flow between the practitioner and client.

What's going on there during a Lomi Lomi?

A Lomi Lomi begins by establishing an atmosphere of humility, peace and trust between the practitioner and client. The massage is given in a fluid rhythmic movement that uses the forearms as well as hand gestures in a fluid, loose, rhythmic, powerful and sweet at once, such as ocean waves and, from head to feet and head to toe. This is a massage that lasts about an hour sometimes imitating the trough of the waves, sometimes interpreting the power of a backlash. If certain maneuvers are smooth and peaceful as the water inside a lagoon, others penetrate the muscles and mobilize with tone. Some have described the sensation then felt like gentle waves moving over the body.

With Lomi Lomi is a time to reconnect with oneself is proposed, a time of extreme relaxation and deep relaxation. This traditional massage wellness involves all the dimensions of the human, organic, psychological, social, and emotional energy. It relaxes as "remobilized", it soothes, but also strengthens unravels all the resources in the body.

Cons-Indications: fever, pregnancy, autoimmune diseases not framed by a therapeutic

Duration : 1:30 , is practiced, in underwear, on table in oil at room temperature

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