What is dowsing

"Quantum medicine is a process that is based on the action of chemical substances in the body, on information, on wave reactions or electromagnetic fields applied to the living organism, in order to reduce it to its These reactions must take into account the totality of the biological nature of the subject and in particular his genetic predetermination, in other words, his hereditary baggage ". Quantum medicine tells us that "All is energy, even inert matter seems to be only a particular form of energy".

Dowsing allows you to capture, with the help of the pendulum, this information, which is permanently available and present, wherever you are, to establish extremely precise physical, energy, and psychic balances, to have access to information that remains totally out of reach of traditional means, and depending on the case, to make the "corrections", or to make the necessary arrangements to restore harmony and well-being. I mainly use gemmotherapy, herbal medicine and trace elements to rebalance the body.

Last edited: 2018-05-14